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Rus Trans Logistic Co., Ltd arranges international logistics and shipping from South-East Asia and Europe to Russia via St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Novorossiysk, conducting port services and forwarding. Currently we are working with all the major shipping lines on these routes.

We are able to provide you with cost efficient solutions and a significant freight rates discount to all of your worldwide destinations through our network of specialized agents and partnerships. We guarantee the lowest possible freight rates in the market.

Shipping by ocean with Rus Trans Logistic Co., Ltd is the simple and economic way to transport your goods anywhere in the world. We are striving to provide the best services to every our client and arrange each shipment without any overlap.

The complexity of the sea transportation includes managing the chain of many independent players such as sea carriers and land-based carriers (rail or road carriers depending on the distance to be covered), port services and independent experts, the customs authorities.

From order to delivery, our knowledgeable and courteous staff handles all of the details for you, such as optimal route of transportation, most suitable carrier, negotiating contracts with ocean carriers, booking shipments, preparing documentation, customs clearance. We also can provide a warehouse for temporary storage of your cargo at any point of the logistics chain.

To use all benefits of maritime transport which are low costs and relatively high speed (compared to rail and road transport with a given length of the route) is one of our tasks as well as to combine them with the benefits of universal and specialized containers and other vehicles and technologies.

We guarantee the safety of your goods during shipping. We consider any import or export cargo as a strategic one.
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