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Our company has sufficient experience in dealing with our customers import and export needs.

We offer our clients classic customs clearance, as well as Electronic customs clearance. Second option offers significant time and cost reduction. We offer you an intelligent individual approach, consultancy services and support from the first stage the conclusion of international transactions to the last - release of goods into free circulation. We professionally provide Tariff Classification Advice and Listing, Technical Valuation and Legislation Advice as well as Full Documentation services for any type of goods, detect and inform you if any legislation changes occurs to customs clearance formalities of your goods on the Customs Union territory.

With our expertise in dealing with diverse groups of shipments (quarantine, veterinary, consumer goods, etc.), Rus Trans Logistic Co., Ltd is able to offer various options in terms of customs clearance according to the logistics scheme and the route of cargo transportation. We provide customs clearance mainly in St. Petersburg, but we can also arrange process depending on the goods specifics and delivery route at the following customs points:

Baltic Customs;
St. Petersburg Customs;
Vladivostok Customs;
Novorossiysk Customs;
Moscow Regional Customs.

If for any reason (i.e. to optimize the costs of customs clearance, logistics and transportation) customs clearance in St. Petersburg is inappropriate, Rus Trans Logistic Co., Ltd offers several other options which could be chosen by the location of the Exporter and the Consignee, total time, costs of the of shipping and customs clearance.

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