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Transport services by road are on high demand today.

Rus Trans Logistic Co., Ltd offers transportation by trucks and trailers to and from assembly plants, ports, railway distribution points or other locations.

The company is ready to provide different types of vehicles. We operate both in the territory of the Customs Union and Europe.

1) Tautliner – the most common type of load-carrying transport which is suitable for transportation of the majority types of cargos. Removable tent allows loading cargo from above, sideways and from behind. Carrying capacity is 20-25 tons. Usable volume is 60-92 cubic meters, capacity is 22-33 euro-pallets. Standard in Europe is tautliner with capacity 20 tons, 82 cubic meters, 32 pallets.

2) Cold storage truck is semi-trailer with refrigerator which is suitable for transportation of the majority of perishable products and goods with special conditions of storage: from +25 C to -25 C. Carrying capacity is 12-22 tons, usable volume 60-92 cubic meters.

3) Isotherm truck is designed to transport food. It can keep stable temperature for a long period of time. Carrying capacity is 3-25 tons, usable volume 32-92 cubic meters.

4) Uncovered platform (container truck) is used for transportation of tamperproof cargo, such as containers, concrete blocks, building constructions, etc. Also it could be used for oversize cargo transportation. Carrying capacity is 15-25 tons.

Containers have a number of advantages:

1. Container ensures the safety and integrity of cargo.
2. Customer receives the goods in the stable form set while loading.
3. While using different modes of transport:

No need for repacking of goods;
No need to put the cargo into covered storage (in ports, marshalling yards, and other point of transportation);
Significant time savings during transshipment;
Significant cost reduction;
All kinds of vehicles today can carry standard containers.

The main aim of Rus Trans Logistic Co., Ltd is providing qualified and reliable trucking service on time.
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