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Domestic Customs Transit Transportation (VTT)

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Domestic customs transit constitutes a customs procedure whereby foreign goods are transported inside the customs territory of the Russian Federation exempt from customs duties and taxes and free from any economic restrictions of prohibitions stipulated by the Federal Law of the Russian Federation on the State Regulation of Foreign Trade Activities.

Domestic customs transit shall apply to the instances of haulage of merchandise from the place of its entry to the place of location of the customs office of its destination (Article 92), from the place where the imported merchandise was declared to the customs authorities to the place of its exportation from the customs territory of the Russian Federation; during its transit between temporary-storage warehouses, bonded warehouses, as well as in other cases when merchandise transits through the customs territory of the Russian Federation without guarantees of payment of customs duties and taxes. Domestic customs transit procedure is required if the final customs clearance to be done at the regional customs point.

Rus Trans Logistic Co., Ltd offers our clients the goods transportation in the domestic customs transit regime (VTT) from Port of Saint-Petersburg, Vladivostok, Novorossiysk to any customs points within the Russian Federation.

The following services of the goods delivery in the domestic customs transit regime includes:

1. Freight forwarding;
2. Transit declaration;
3. Trucking to the customs terminal;
4. Trucking to the final destination;
5. Return of empty containers at the port.

Our knowledgeable and licensed staff is proficient in managing complicated customs transit transportation involved in import transactions as well as ensuring your goods are delivered in time. Besides managing the customs clearance of your goods we also ensure the proper handling of your goods in transit (i.e. temperature control) up to final point of delivery.
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