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Rus Trans Logistic Co., Ltd, Russia
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Rus Trans Logistic Co., Ltd is a reliable partner which provides a full set of Multi-modal International Shipping Services in Logistics. We are the logistics experts concerning foreign economic activities and cargo execution within the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Our services portfolio includes Door-to-door delivery, Customs clearance, Freight Forwarding, Warehousing, Cargo Insurance, Trade Facilitation and much more.

With Rus Trans Logistic Co., Ltd you get a cost efficient single-source solution to manage the complexities of transportation and import/export operations. We can manage complex transportation networks, carriers and shipments via air, ocean, road or rail.

Our company can offer International Trade Solutions for importers, exporters, manufactures, suppliers, and industry trade groups.

We are able to expedite your shipments through customs. In many cases, this can be done prior to the physical arrival of goods. Our knowledgeable staff is proficient in analyzing and managing the sometimes complicated technical details involved in import transactions as well as ensuring your goods are classified properly for each and every shipment. Our experienced team is there to support, answer your questions regarding importation, taxation and clearance procedures, helping to ensure that your consignments clear customs swiftly and efficiently.

Besides managing the customs clearance of your goods we also ensure the proper handling of your goods in transit (i.e. temperature control) up to final point of delivery.

We work together with you in order to develop and implement comprehensive solutions that take into account the product characteristics, required back up systems and optimal routings coupled with the lowest possible risk profile.

The headquarters of the Rus Trans Logistic Co., Ltd is based in St. Petersburg. Our offices are strategically located across Russia including major ports Vladivostok and Novorossiysk owing to geographical position and maritime exposure.

Our aim is to deliver an efficient, professional, timely, personalized service and competitive rates. We like challenges and look for creative ways to meet your needs. We perceive our activities with special respect to long-term perspective, permanent trust, and successful collaboration with our partners and clients.

With the experience to tailor each solution to your requirements, Rus Trans Logistic Co., Ltd is the right choice for all of your transportation needs.
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