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Freight forwarding is an integral part of the cargo by any mode of transport. Well-organized process of freight forwarding is able to reduce the cost of transportation, to minimize the risk of emergency situations and ensure consistent delivery of the cargo.

Freight forwarding includes a range of logistics services: transportation, handling and documentation support of cargoes. We proactively and constantly manage the shipping process internationally, thus reducing the risk of delays, providing back up systems and quick reaction on any arising issues.

Freight forwarding is especially important for the international, multi-modal transportation systems. Rus Trans Logistic Co., Ltd has been providing international logistics services during long period of time.

Our experts provide competent support during shipping of your goods and guarantee its safety at all stages of transportation.

Our clients receive a full range of quick and quality delivery of the cargo from the origin place to the point of destination including control over all stages of transportation, preparing and processing customs and other documentation, ability to expedite your shipments through customs, freight forwarding and performing activities pertaining to international shipments.

Freight forwarder acts as an expert in supply chain management. A forwarder contracts with carriers, shipping line agencies, coordinates and manages required procedures to move cargo.

Rus Trans Logistic Co., Ltd provides port freight forwarding services at all the major terminals of the Port of St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Vladivostok.

Rus Trans Logistic Co., Ltd freight forwarding services include:

Our clear communication between our managers and forwarders provides you with ongoing access to freight forwarding services at any time every day.
Freight forwarding services is an integrated "door to door" approach.

With our expertise, competitive rates and personalized service, Rus Trans Logistic Co., Ltd is the right choice for all of your freight forwarding needs.

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